Czech Republic

The Technology Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Technology Centre)

The Technology Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Technology Centre) established in 1993, promotes industrial utilisation of research and development, provides a wide spectrum of technology transfer services and stimulates creation and growth of small innovative businesses. The Technology Centre is the focal point of national information infrastructure for the EU Framework Programmes, acts as the National information centre (NICER) for EU FPs, provides targeted, programme-specific information, advice, assistance and training for the Czech R&D community, and organises awareness events.


The Technology Centre is involved in preparation of strategic studies focused on RTD and innovation. The Technology Centre prepares conceptual documents for the state administration and its advisory bodies. It coordinates national and regional projects on identifying research priorities, strategic research directions, preparation of research and innovation policies and innovation strategies. The Technology Centre is the host and co-ordinating organisation of the Czech Innovation Relay Centre (CIRC) and of the Czech Liaison Office for R&D (CZELO) which is based in Brussels where it represents Czech research community and provides the Czech research institutions with the targeted and updated information on the possibilities of being involved in international research consortia.The Technology Centre has been cooperating with foreign partners on international projects in the field of strategic studies for the EC, European Parliament, United Nations Organization for Industrial Development and Joint Research Centre of the EC.


Ve Struhách 1076/27, 160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic


The National Contact Point Space in Czech Republik is Ondrej Mirovsky, tel: +420 2 34 006 255,