RANNIS – The Icelandic Centre for Research

Rannís reports to the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture with the purpose of providing professional assistance in the preparation and implementation of science and technology policy in Iceland.


Its main functions are:

Operation of the financial support system for research and technological development.
Provision of services and information to the Council for Science and Technology Policy and its sub-committees.
Coordinating and promoting Icelandic participation in collaborative international projects in science and technology.
Monitoring resources and performance in R&D, evaluating the results of scientific research, technological development and innovation.
Promoting public awareness of research and innovation in Iceland.
Rannís serves the Icelandic science community across all areas of science and the humanities.



Borgartún 30, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland



The National Contact Point for Space in Iceland is Mr. Viðar Helgason, tlf. +354 515 5800,