The NCP-PL closely co-operates with the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the European Commission and other key partners, both in Poland and abroad. The main task of the NCP-PL is to disseminate the information and to help Polish innovating research teams in active participation in EU Framework Programmes, through training, aid and consultancy, partner search service as well as promoting the international cooperation and encouraging to create multi-partner project consortia. The NCP-PL has extensive experience in organizing events to promote Framework Programme(s) and securing the attendance of researchers and research administrators and managers. The NCP-PL has organized: FP6 Launching Conference (2002, accompanied by the Ministerial Meeting, attended by nearly 2000 persons) and FP7 Launching Conference (2006, attended by nearly 1300 persons).


The NCP-PL plays also a role of Mobility Centre, NCP for Joint Research Centre and INTAS Programme. Moreover NCP-PL is a training centre for implementation of structural funds in the RTD sector. The staff of NCP-PL (50 employees) consists of highly qualified people with scientific background and with knowledge of European Programmes. The NCP-PL budget is covered mainly by resources of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the complementing funds are provided by the EC.T he NCP-PL has its own experience in participation in more than 30 research projects carried out in FP4, FP5 and FP6, for example: IDEALIST-EAST (FP4), POLNET, POLDA, Fellows for Industry, Partners for Life, IDEAL-IST, Train-Net, CEeB, NAS2CALL, NETCEE, DONQPOL (FP5) and CEAF, CERA (INCO, co-ordinator, FP6), NBCC (INCO, co-ordinator FP6), HUNPOL-TRANS, PRO-NMS (co-ordinator FP6), QUALITYMEAT, STEF-NANO-ACC (co-ordinator, FP6), ERANIS (INCO, co-ordinator, FP6).NCP-PL has put many efforts in further extending its cooperation with neighbours from Central and Eastern Europe. NCP-PL has supported the creation of a network of FP6 information points under the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.



National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU (Krajowy Punkt Kontaktowy Programów Badawczych UE); Krzywickiego 34; 02-078 Warszawa; Poland

Web: www.kpk.gov.pl

The National Contact Point for Space in Poland is Mr. Piotr Świerczyński, tel: +48 22 828 74 83, piotr(dot)swierczynski(at)kpk(dot)gov(dot)pl