24 June 2024 , Brussels, Belgium

European Space Forum 2024

The European Space Forum 2024 will return to Brussels in June, gathering key industry leaders, policymakers, and experts for two days of in-depth discussions and debates. This event is especially timely, with significant conversations underway about the future of EU Space Law and other crucial policy initiatives. Attendees will engage in interactive sessions focusing on the EU Single Market for Space, sustainability, resilience, competitiveness, economic security, and autonomous access to space.

The forum will provide a platform for participants to share ideas and challenge each other, fostering a collaborative environment to shape the future of the European space sector. Key topics will include space sustainability, secure space-based connectivity with IRIS², the implications of EU Space Law, Europe’s global economic security, enhancing EU competitiveness in space, and harnessing the power of space data for security and defence.

The event speakers include Timo Pesonen, the director general of DEFIS, Aarti Holla Maini, the director of United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, or Rodrigo da Costa, the Executive Director of EUSPA, and more.

Source: EU Space Forum

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