05 October 2019 , Minsk, Belarus

New Space Days

Redefining is Possible at Conference on New Space Tech

On behalf of the space science and technology community BYspace and its partners, we invite you to take part in an international event dedicated to private astronautics, space infrastructures and education. This event will be the first step for building partnerships in this area and promoting technologies in the interests of space in Belarus toward the world. The event will be held in Minsk (Belarus) as part of the World Space Week (WSWA) on October 5-6 under the auspices of the UN Committee on Peaceful Purpose of Outer Space (COPUOS) with the assistance of the National Space Contact Point of the European Research and Innovation Program Horizon 2020 and a number of organizations that are not indifferent to the development of space both nationally and internationally.

We are confident of the success and popularity of this event in the wake of the growing interest in space technology in general, and thanks to the fact that last year Minsk was the venue for the XXXI Congress of the Association of Space Explorers (ASE). The Executive Committee, which includes cosmonauts and astronauts from around the world, acknowledged the community’s readiness for such events from all sides.This time we are planning to gather 400+ representatives from several private and state companies, start-ups and enthusiasts who are interested in technologies for the use and exploration of space for peaceful purposes.

The following sections are planned for the conference:

  • Amateur space – amateur projects, Space as OpenSource/OpenHardware, public space contests.
  • Regional cooperation: programs of the European Union, the cooperation of amateur projects, cooperation with programs of a large business.
  • Business perspectives: business opportunities, investment, partnership opportunities with large aerospace companies.

We want to gather people representing projects that are perceived as impossible:

  • SpaceIL – a project from Israel that landed heavily on the moon in terms of Google Lunar Xprize)
  • CopehagenSuborbitals – a group of talented people who come to realise the dream of amateur manned flight
  • Planet – the worldwide company headquartered in the USA. A big player in the space services market).
  • I-Space – the modern and successful private Chinese company and the hero at the Chinese Space arena
  • AZO Space – the largest European innovation platform organizing events, competitions and hackathons on behalf of the European Space Agency).
  • LibraSpace Foundation (OpenSource / OpenHardware Space)
  • Amateur projects from Russia
  • European and Belarusian universities.

All other information including ticket prices can be found on our website and social networks.
We love space because we do space.

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