09 December 2021 , Virtual Edition

New Space Economy Expoforum from 9 to 11 dec 2021 in Rome

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The great opportunities of an event like NSE come from the continuous confrontation with the economic operators.

The yearly appointment with NSE EXPOFORUM returns in 2021.
Knowledge exchange, business opportunities and successful marketing return, thanks to the use of a totally digital framework that will make the participation easier and more effective for the space professionals.

Exhibitors, products and contacts are presented in multimedia areas, easily addressed in a menu with the well-known filter and selection options. High level interaction is reached with interviews and meetings via video call or chat. Presentations, expert talks, panel discussions, press conferences, webinars, and other features are part of NSE 2021 agenda.

Matchmaking session will be held on December 9-11, you too can participate. The plenary sessions, which form an important section of NSE content, are completely free, no ticket required, easily accessed through the event agenda. By registering as “registrant” or “exhibitor” you will have the opportunity to access web conferences, visit virtual booths, attend video calls and streaming sessions, all integrated within a unique platform.