08 November 2021 , online

The European Space Forum 2021

Europe has historically been at the forefront of space ventures. It is home to two of the world’s most successful satellite manufacturers, the world’s most reliable launch service provider and a number of the world’s leading satellite operators. To keep pace, remain competitive and ensure its strategic autonomy in the space domain, Europe and its space sector must adapt to meet the challenges of this fast-evolving environment and take advantage of new opportunities arising.

Against the backdrop of the recent launch of EU’s new Space Programme, this new annual conference will bring together key stakeholders from across the space and satellite sectors to debate how this can be achieved. Sessions throughout the event will be discussion-based and interactive, with speakers and audience members encouraged to speak freely, challenge each other and pool ideas, as we look to move towards the common goal of securing Europe’s position as a major space player in this exciting new wave of space innovation. More Info.