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Within COSMOS there are two partners from Bulgaria:Solar-Terrestrial Influences Laboratory of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (STIL-BAS)carries out fundamental and applied research in the field of solar-terrestrial physics, in-situ and remote investigation of geoSpace, planets and interplanetary Space, optical atmosphere research and Space biology. The scientific activities of STIL-BAS bear closely on the general BAS scientific priorities and on large national and international scientific programs and projects in the field of solar-terrestrial influences.

The Laboratory contributes to the development of hardware and software products for scientific instrumentation onboard rockets, satellites, planetary probes and manned Space flights. Scientific teams from STIL-BAS participate in data and image processing and interpretation as well as in modelling of physical processes in solar-terrestrial influences. Remote sensing facilities: Remote sensing and in-situ techniques and equipment for studying of geoSpace and planets including research of energetic and polarization characteristics of emitted and reflected radiation from natural formations on the land and ocean surfaces and the atmosphere in the VIS, NIR and radio ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum, development of multichannel spectrometric and imaging spectrometric systems, data and image processing and application of multichannel data and images in different scientific and applied fields. Scientific staff – 80 persons: 1 academician, 14 professors and associated professors, 35 researchers and 30 persons support staff.

ReSAC (Remote Sensing Applications Center) is a non-profit, RTD organization and was established in 1998 with the support of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the UN in the frame of the project TCP/BUL/8922. Until 2004 ReSAC was a Department in Bulgarian AeroSpace Agency (BASA), later in Agency for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration. Since the end of 2005 ReSAC is an independent juridical body.Main task of ReSAC is to develop and transfer knowledge and know-how in RS/GIS applications to agricultural and environmental management, land cover/land use, soil and forest inventory, water resources, environmental hazards, fast track services, disaster management, urban planning, etc. ReSAC is an Observer member of the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies – EARSC from 2005.ReSAC collaborates very actively with JRC, EURIMAGE, SPOT Image, EUSI, GEOSYS, etc.The most important ReSAC projects in the area of Land cover/Land Use, Control of Agrosubsidies with Remote Sensing /CwRS/, Establishment of Land Parcel Identification System /LPIS/, Digital Orthophoto Map Preparation /DOP/, National Concept for the Information and Management of Forest Fires, Fast Track Service /FTS/ (as a value-added organization in the International Charter “Space and Major Disasters” CHARTER Call 132 – Danube Oil Spill) and Voice Technology Development are funded by JRC, EC/FP6 and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.ReSAC is a service provider in the area of fast track mapping mainly to State Agency for Information Technology and Communications (SAITC), Agency for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration (ASDE) and other public Bulgarian organizations.