CASSINI Challenges competition is now open!

CASSINI is organizing this competition to support the development of innovative commercial solutions (such as mobile apps or hardware-based solutions) that are leveraging EU Space data from Galileo and/or Copernicus.

The application process is open for three tracks:

  • Track „Submission of an Idea“ – TRL 1 – TRL 3 with deadline on 24.11.2023,
  • Track „Submission of a Protorype“ – TRL 4 – TRL7 with deadline on 09.02.2024,
  • Track „Submission of a Product“ – TRL 8 – TRL 9 with deadline on 19.04.2024.

Solutions should target one of the following innovation areas:

  • Next Generation Challenge – innovative solutions that will address major societal challenges in focus areas such as health and well-being, citizens´safetz, security and connectivity.
  • Sustainable Future Challenge – innovative solutions that will address areas such as conservation of ecosystems, sustainable agriculture, and management of energy and resources,
  • Emerging Technologies Challenge – einnovative solutions combining EU space data with deep technologies such as AI, Quantum technologies, Blockchain, Metaverse and Virtual Reality (AR/MR/VR).

More information about the competion on EUSPA website

Source: EUSPA website