New ESA call on COVID-19

ESA has opened a new call for actions dedicated to COVID-19 resolution, in order to facilitate the quick integration and deployment of concrete and sustainable solutions, which shall make use of the different advantages provided by space-based products and services. These solutions shall contribute to alleviate the negative impacts caused by the COVID-19 and associated measures of containment but also help improving preparedness for future outbreaks. The main areas are Healthcare and Education.
For the selected projects, ESA will offer:
50% of the acceptable cost. The remainder has to be financed by the Tenderer through private sector directly and/or indirectly via co-funding and/or by the users based on terms and conditions to be agreed upon.
Up to 80 % of costs of the project if made by SME enterprises, as well as Universities and Research Institutes, depending on the funding level authorised by the related National Delegation(s).


Closing date: 15 November 2020.


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