New Ideas for Commercial use of ESA Inventions

ESA develops a vast array of innovative technologies and applications to make Europe’s space endeavours happen. When ESA staff members are involved in devising an innovation or invention, then the Agency is free to apply for a patent.

Industry is invited to submit ideas for new applications for any of the below listed inventions. One submission is expected for each application idea. Application can be in any sector, not limited to the space field.

In your submission you should identify the invention(s), field of application and commercial opportunity, current status of development and target TRL, proposed development and implementation plan, and estimated duration and cost.

The end goal is to significantly increase the technical maturity of a chosen invention(s) with the view to support the business undertaking that will bring the application to the market.

This Campaign is restricted to a selected subset of ESA’s inventions, as listed below. Detailed descriptions and more information are available via the hyperlinks provided. N.B.: ‘PAT XXX’ refers to the ESA internal reference number for each invention.

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