UK Participation in Horizon Europe

To support UK organisations participate in Horizon Europe research and innovation, the UK government has put in place a financial guarantee to cover all Horizon Europe calls that close on or before 30th June 2023. Eligible, successful applicants to Horizon Europe will receive the full value of their funding at their UK organisation for the lifetime of their grant.

Applications worth over 1 Billion EUR have now been received with more than 1000 UK partners contributing to collaborative projects across the programme.

To be eligible for the UK Horizon Europe guarantee, UK organisations must be included in proposals as beneficiaries with Associated Country status. If at the time of grant agreement preparation, the UK has not associated to Horizon Europe, the UK organisations change status to Associated Partners and apply to the guarantee fund.

  • UK organisations must be included as potential beneficiaries and request funding from the EU​
  • UK organisations must complete the budget tables in full (Part A and Part B)​
  • Most topics are open to UK participation but there are topics, including some in the space calls, that restrict participation to Member States and specified countries. All exceptions will include this information in the Topic Description​
  • Organisations from Associate Countries, including the UK, and Third Countries can be Work Package and Task Leads

The UK Horizon Europe Guarantee Guidance can be seen on the UKRI website and if you have any questions about including UK organisations in space call proposals, please contact the UK National Contact Point, Catherine Holt ncp-space@iuk.ukri.org