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Partner Search

Many of the space call topics require a collaborative approach and there are several ways of showcasing your expertise or project idea.

  1. Approach partners in similar funded projects. If you want to find experienced partners who already have ongoing projects, or if you want to browse the database of registered organisations, visit the Partner Search page of the Participant Portal. You can search by keyword/geographical area/funding type, etc. Search results include complete organisation profiles with lists of funded projects and the possibility to contact representatives.
  2. Register your interest on the Participant Portal. When you have selected your area of interest via the Topic search, you may publish your offer/interest for one or more of the open/forthcoming topics on the Participant Portal.
  3. Contact your National Contact Point. Your NCP will be able to provide you with local advice and support, including information on regional and national H2020 events.
  4. Attend a European H2020 space information and brokerage event. These events provide the opportunity to network with companies, universities and researchers from across Europe and the world. Networking opportunities can include pitching your project idea or expertise and B2B facilitated networking.

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